Four area bands battle it out for a week of airplay in the Flint Town Throwdown. This week's bands are The Skinny, Ana, Mercy Beach and PleThorA — listen to the tracks and vote for your favorite now. Don't forget to tune in Monday nights at 10p to hear all this week's bands as well as the winner from the previous week. If you have a band and want to be in the Throwdown, link to the submission form at the bottom of the page or simply email your radio-edited (Seriously, that means NO EFFING F-Bombs!) track to with the subject line "Flint Town Throwdown."

  • The Skinny

    'Dark Nebula' [audio:|titles=The Skinny - Dark Nebula]

    We are a cool six pack of hard funk hippies that specialize in stabbing grooves for thick souls…Be ready to uproot and move. Born, raised, and influenced in the heart of Michigan. We aim to inspire people to dance, listen, and think. Sending out positive vibes for good times with great people. We will Rock you, Soothe you, Funk you, Groove you.

  • Ana

    'Johnny Cash Was a Farmer' [audio:|titles=Ana - Johnny Cash was a Farmer]

    Ana is Pissed off Zombie Rock, who's determined to beat her songs into your skulls & rape your ears. Your lungs are about to burn with excitement. Welcome.

  • Mercy Beach

    'The Kathy'

    This Hartland based four piece brings energetic rock and roll with a hard driving beat, sprinkled with bluesy guitar riffs, and topped off with amazing vocals with their unique sort of “Foo Fighters meets Skid Row” style.

  • To Be Fed

    'Consumption Throes' [audio:|titles=To Be Fed - Consumption Throes]

    We've always been a provocative act, not by will, but by nature. We, as musicians feel content in experimenting with an extremely diverse range of styles, and our overall sound is owed to our eclectic tastes in music, formal backgrounds and, appreciation for acts and artists that made a difference and defined what we listen to today. Our sound is a cultivated one, but with an air of hedonism and malintent!