Kettering University is filled with the nerdiest people in Flint, all of which will have great paying jobs and super hot wives in the near future.  The school recently received a grant from the Mott Foundation for a staggering $15.5 million, check out what it means for the local university.

Say what you want to about Flint, but Kettering University really does pump out some of the best and brightest minds in America.  The school is a nationally acclaimed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and business university and combines rigorous academic standards and in the field, hands on education. The school is located on the Flint River and faces what used to be the main manufacturing site for GM.

The University will use a $15.5 million dollar donation from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for several upgrades, including:

  • Chemical engineering labs
  • A revision to the main campus plan
  • A "FIRST Community Center" for area K-12 students in the FIRST Robotics program.
  • An on campus upscale coffee shop
  • New on campus police stations
  • Launch of a new biology program

Mayor Dayne Walling was quoted, "It's great to see such strong collaboration between two of Flint's most important institutions."

Source: MLive