This is nothing to be proud of.  Where do you celebrate your 100th arrest?  I guess behind bars, and I am sure there is no cake.  The only thing this clown will be "blowing out" is a fellow prisoner. 

WPTV is reporting that 50 year old Joseph Wilson took $200 worth of underwear and socks from a store in Florida.  Wilson probably would of got away with the goods except a fellow shopper saw him running, then hiding behind a dumpster.  Cops caught up with the underwear thief and he told them he had been jogging and out of breath.  The garments were confiscated by police and Wilson was arrested.

Mr. Wilson had 99 prior arrests, so this evens him out at a grand total of 100 arrests.  100 problems and freedom is one of them.  Wilson cannot make the twenty thousand dollar bond so he remains locked up.  At least he has new underwear and socks now, they don't say "Hanes", but they do say "prisoner".