A Florida man, who looks like a homeless Adrian Brody, was stripped butt-naked and robbed on his first date with someone named "Tree." Uh oh.

I swear, it wasn't me. There are two details in this story that back that up:

A) I don't date dudes.
B) I always put out on the first date.

Unfortunately for 34-year old Shaun Williams of Florida, his first date with a woman named "Tree" ended a lot different than mine used to.

According to Gawker, Williams first met Tree at a convenience store near Daytona Beach a few weeks ago. The pair immediately hit it off and swapped digits. Later, Williams called Tree and the two agreed to go out on a date and that Tree would pick him up at the store where they met. When she arrived to pick him up she had two men in the backseat, who she explained was her brother and a friend they were "dropping off." Turns out, that Williams and his pants were the only things that got dropped off.

Shortly after leaving, the car veered down a side street and stopped near a cow pasture so the brother could "wait for a friend." Giving Williams the opportunity to jump out and take a leak. He returned to the vehicle and was dropped to the ground after getting clubbed twice in the head by a "hard metal object." One of the men then pointed a gun at William, and said "give me all your money and your clothes." He did so and was then left bloody, naked, broke and probably a little embarrassed in a field full of cows---. Maybe this wasn't so different from one of my first dates.

Williams was later taken to the hospital by a Sheriff's deputy after walking to get help, while "the brother," his friend and myself Tree got away and remain at large.