At every single rock concert that ever took place, there's that one guy that takes it too far and makes it hard for you to enjoy the night. Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl spotted one of these 'a--holes' at their iTunes Festival performance at London's Roundhouse on Monday, I'd say Grohl handled it quite appropriately. After yelling expletives and explaining the appropriate behavior for a Foo concert, Dave had the unruly guest thrown out of the show.

While he may not be as hands-on as Axl Rose, who once dove into the crowd to hit someone breaking the rules at a GN'R show, Dave Grohl proved that he knows how to keep fans in line at a Foo Fighters gig. Fans at Monday's iTunes Festival performance definitely got their money's worth: not only did they get to see the band jam 'Tie Your Mother Down' with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen, but Dave Grohl personally saw to it that some jerk fighting in the crowd didn't spoil anyone's fun. Whether he misunderstood 'Foo Fighting' or not, Dave quickly cleared things up for the man in question.