There are few bands that rival Foo Fighters as far as live shows go. Anyone who has ever seen the Foos live will tell you it is an epic-level experience not to be missed. If you couldn't make it to Chicago to catch their two and a half hour Lollapalooza set last weekend, you can watch the whole thing here!

Over the years Foo Fighters have subtly grown as a band and before anyone realized it, they were one of the biggest on the planet. It's possible that the band members themselves didn't realize their magnitude until they played to 165,000 Foo fans during a two night stand at Wembley Stadium in 2008.

Packing a healthy catalog of arena ready scream-alongs like 'Everlong', 'Best of You', 'Learn to Fly', 'My Hero', and an arsenal of new ass-kickers; the Foo Fighters took the stage for their headlining slot at Lollapalooza Sunday night. Despite the rain, Grohl re-assured the audience very early on saying:

"Hey! Hey! Hey! I don't give a f--- if it's raining tonight, this is fun as s---! How you guys doing, you alright? Stinky motherf---ers finally got a bath, right? Ladies and gentlemen, I didn't come here to f--- around, I came here to play as many songs as we can in the short period of time we got. This is our Chicago show, tonight. This is what were gonna do for you guys tonight, that's it.  You guys wanna hear old songs and new songs and songs for 16 years and everything we got, we'll do it!"

Watch the Foo Fighters Entire Lollapalooza Performance