Foo Fighters did a small string of dates where they played in garages all across our fine country. If you weren't one of the lucky ones in attendance at one of the shows, don't worry. They just released a 40 minute long video documenting the incredibly large band playing incredibly small places and we have it right here for you.

Like many bands, Foo Fighters have spent plenty of time in garages. In fact, their latest album 'Wasting
Light' saw the band recording in a garage (Dave's specifically). It was because of the Foo's rekindled love affair with garages that sparked the 'Foo Fighters North American Garage Tour'.

They allowed fans to submit a 25 word explanation as to why the Foos should play their garage. This video documents just how easygoing Dave Grohl and the rest of the band are as they allow fans to set up gear, introduce, and even jam with them. Lucky bastards.