The Foo Fighters are second to only Kanye West in Grammy nods this year, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten how to have fun. The band proved they still have a sense of humor, despite all the critical-acclaim, by banning some unusual items from their upcoming Australian gigs.

2011 was definitely the year of the Foo Fighters. Their back to the basics (or garage as it were) approach on the latest album 'Wasting Light' seems to have paid off -- earning the Foo a total of six Grammys including 'Best Rock Album,' both 'Best Rock Performance' and 'Best Rock Song' for 'Walk,' and ‘Best Long Form Music Video' for their 'Back and Forth' documentary. Dave Grohl and Co. will square off against a wide range of artists -- everyone from Adele in the coveted 'Best Album of the Year' category to Megadeth for 'Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance.'

Prior to the live broadcast of the award ceremony (February 12th), the Foo Fighters will be going down under for a quick run through Australia with Tenacious D. In similar fashion to their ridiculous tour rider for 2011, the band has set some strange guidelines for the venues that will host the hilarious crew.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the list of disallowed contraband included light sabers, garden gnomes, and laser pens. You'd think they would've listed Mentos so they could start playing 'Big Me' again without fear of fans chucking them toward the stage.