Fox 2 Detroit's Charlie LeDuff was arrested during the St. Patrick's Day parade in Detroit's Corktown last Sunday (March 10th) after pissing in the street, drunkenly calling women "whores" and biting a security guard... allegedly.

Talk about an up-and-down week! LeDuff appeared on national television last Friday to promote his book about Detroit on HBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' and just two days later ended up in a jail cell for drunkenly biting a security guard's finger.

According to the police report, LeDuff appeared highly intoxicated and was witnessed urinating on the street near Brooklyn and Michigan Avenue -- we've all been there, right guys? A nearby security guard recognized the reporter and tried to help him out by having him take a seat and offered him water while trying to contact Fox 2 to advise them of his "condition."

Apparently, LeDuff then began shouting at a group of women -- calling them "whores" -- which incited a large altercation, during which LeDuff bit the security guard's finger. LeDuff was later arrested and cited for aggravated assault.

LeDuff's book, 'Detroit: An American Autopsy,' examines the rise and fall of Detroit in the wake of the auto industry and is available now. During his interview on Real Time, LeDuff made some really great points about Detroit and how they've been screwed by the automakers -- a talking point that even carried over into the rest of the show that he was not a part of. He also seemed a little bit "off" during the entertaining interview. Perhaps he started the St. Patrick's Day festivities a little too early. Check out the "Overtime" portion of the show (LeDuff chimes in around 2:30) below and let us know what you think?