Tony LaBrie is going to be jealous! I don't know anyone who is interested in aliens more than Tony. He wouldn't have to be abducted, he would go willingly.

Many people have claimed to be abducted and taken into the "mother ship" to be poked and prodded by aliens. Now actress Fran Drescher is claiming she was abducted as a teenager and the aliens put a chip in her hand. To bad they did not change her annoying voice.

"The Nanny" actress tells the Huffington Post that her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson was also abducted as a teen and she believes they were programmed to meet. Drescher says her and Jacobson both have the same scar on their hands where the chips were implanted. Jacobson however says that Fran's scar is from a drill bit or burning herself with hot water.

I don't know why someone would lie about being abducted by aliens. What do you think? Do you believe "The Nanny" was taken by space people? I am guessing if she was it was not a long trip, even aliens would get annoyed with that voice!