No, look at all these things, all this stuff, look. LOOK.

Ahh, DMX. We remember the days when his raspy bark was all over MTV. Whatever happened to the guy? Well, he's back apparently. And confused. The guys did not know what to make of a video of the Dog Man acting completely baffled when it comes to the basic use of a computer.

"What in God's name is that guy talking about," said Hot Wings.

"I only know because of the text description that went along with it," said Free Beer.

Truth be told, we're not sure that DMX knows what he's talking about either. That may be the whole point. Either that, or he's playing a shrewd version of himself in order to ... nah. He's probably just really that dumb.

Look here, there's an arrow, and there's a hand, and then there's a line.

Check out the whole video here: