Hot Wings randomly brought up the movie ‘Scarface’ this morning, pivoting from a conversation about how cool it would be to have a job as a Foley artist.

What started as a riff on the bad audio in a specific scene turned into an all-out bash fest, as the guys all agreed that ‘Scarface’ was way overrated as a movie and actually not really that good at all.

The scene that Hot Wings was making fun of was this dance scene from the movie:

“I can’t even focus on what he was saying because he looked so ridiculous,” said Hot Wings. ”It’s like he was on a piston.” We have to agree. Pacino really isn’t selling us on his dancing skills here. Neither is Michelle Pfeiffer, for that matter.

Zane took it a step further, saying, “Even his accent [sounds] screwed up to me.” Zane pointed out that the movie ended up getting all of its mileage out of its one iconic scene, with “the classic line, when he fires the grenade launcher at the end.”

“If you like that movie, you suck,” said Zane.

We wouldn’t go that far. But we agree, ‘Scarface’ doesn’t really hold up all that well. It’s kinda junky. You are better off finding your old copy of ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ and popping that in.

For starters, it’s got way better music.