Mother Nature can be a real bitch! Recent flooding in Colorado has resulted in ten deaths and severe damage to homes, roads and businesses. Today in Boulder, a group handed out free weed to flood victims.

Rob Corry who helped put the event together says, 'Boulder has been victimized by floods, we want to bring some flood relief to folks.' Marijuana was only handed out to people 21 and up. No one was allowed to smoke in public. Police were on the scene, but no arrests were made. Pot is legal in Colorado, but there are still rules and guidelines that must be followed.

Event planners were concerned for 'stressed out recreational users' who may have lost their stash in the flooding. I can't imagine the devastation of losing a home, a business and especially a family member. If this helps people cope, than I am all for it. You?

Check out the video below of a man returning to his home two days after a mudslide nearly destroyed it. Pretty powerful.