'Friday the 13th' producer Brad Fuller dropped what might be another bombshell in the ongoing clusterf--- that is 'Friday the 13th pt. 13.' In a recent interview, he revealed that Jason Voorhees might not even be in it. Fuller also had some bad news for fans of 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and Kane Hodder.

What the f---, Platinum Dunes? You guys finally clear up the distribution issues with the franchise and the first news we hear is that it's headed for another reboot and could be a found-footage turdfest? Now we find out that Jason might not even be a part of the film? I really hate Michael Bay.

Despite the fact that we've explained how you make a successful 'Friday the 13th' film before, the dudes in control of the franchise keep getting further and further from those easily understandable key elements. A new interview with Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller -- who has already had a hand in the mediocre reboots of  'Friday the 13th,' 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' -- revealed that none of the previously mentioned elements of the film are set in stone... including Jason!

Speaking to Crave Online about the prospect of Derek Mears returning as Jason, Fuller said, "I don’t know because I don’t know if we’re going to have Jason, I don’t know which Jason we’re going to have. I can tell you this: I love Derek Mears, I love working with him and he’s a dream so we’d be lucky to have him."

Fuller also shot down any hopes fans might have of Kane Hodder returning to the hockey mask for the fifth time. "I think if we’re going to go for a Jason Voorhees we would go with Derek. He’s our guy," Fuller replied when asked if Hodder was a possibility.

Jason Voorhees has been the one constant in the series. He was the inspiration for the killings in the first Friday and carried the machete in his mother's name ever since the closing minutes of that movie. He even showed up in hallucinations and really creepy dream sequences in the only movie he wasn't technically in -- Part V. Why would a studio go through all this trouble with the distribution rights and make a deal to make a 'Friday the 13th' without the thing that makes it 'Friday the 13th?' They could just make any movie without Jason and they don't even need anyone's permission for that. That would be like Disney paying all that money to make new 'Star Wars' movies and then making them without Jedis, light sabers, the Force, spaceships, aliens or outer space. You can't make a James Bond movie without James Bond and you can't make a Friday the 13th without Jason Voorhees. Period.

The future is even more uncertain for Jason's old friend Freddy Krueger, whom nobody is even talking about currently. "I haven’t heard a thing. It’s a little bit disappointing. We were very proud of that movie," Fuller said to the possibility of a 'Nightmare' sequel. "In terms of pure box office, I think that’s our highest grossing film worldwide. I’d love to do another one but I feel that way about all of our films. We don’t jump into these films unless we actually loved the characters or the story. I’d love to make Freddy Krueger movies every couple years. It’d be fantastic.

Fuller said that the success of films like 'The Conjuring' might be causing studios, namely
New Line Cinema, to shy away from the old school 80s style slasher flicks. He added, "At least that’s what I’ve heard but no one has talked to us about Nightmare on Elm Street."

Next up for Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is the highly probable mishandling of another beloved franchise from my childhood -- 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' which will drop both the "Teenage" and the "Mutant" for the August 2014 release... ugh. Can't this company do anything right?