Anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows how devastating it can be.  Most often you will hear a certain song, or be somewhere and memories of that person come flooding back to you.  I know when my Dad died, things would happen that would make me think his spirit was there. I however, have never received any emails from him since he passed.  My father was more of a letter writer though.


A group of people in Pennsylvania have been receiving emails from Jack Froese, a man who died in June of 2011.  Friends and family of Jack claim they began getting messages roughly five months after his death. Can you imagine?  Eerie!

Gary Hart a close friend of Jack Froese, was shocked when he was checking his inbox to see a message from sender "Jack Froese".  I'll say!  Hart says he turned ghost white when he read the message.  It read:

"Did you hear me?  I'm at your house.  Clean your f***ing attic!!!"

Mr. Hart claims shortly before Jack died, the two had a conversation in his attic and Jack had teased him about the mess. Others claim to have received emails too. The family say no one has or had his password and do not believe his account has been tampered with according to the Daily Mail.

I would hate to think someone is doing this as a joke, but we all know people can be dicks.  I cannot explain the unknown, I am just hoping I get an email from my Dad.  He could let me know how he is doing, I am sure wherever he is people are laughing and having fun.  Hit me up Duncan,

For more on this story watch the video below.