Banana 101.5 and adversting partner The Genesee County Compassion Club have joined forces to raise medical marijuana awareness in the area. Our very own Duffy "Dufcon" Connelly penned a new song called 'Now, I'm A Patient' and we've produced an exclusive music video for your enjoyment (and education).

A Message From The Genesee County Compassion Club :

This video was made for all the Medical Marijuana Patients out there who are just regular people. Treated like criminals in the past, not because they hurt others but because they chose a different way.

In 2008 the people of Michigan decided enough was enough, it was time to leave these people alone and refocus on more important areas. Since then, we’ve seen thousands get relief they previously did not have, we’ve seen businesses pop up where once empty buildings sat. We have not seen crime increase as the naysayers of our law forecasted. We have only yet begun to see the positive impacts this new, but very old medicine, can bring.

We need your help to protect our law and our rights. Some Legislators in our State’s Capitol want to change our law. They want to take away patients rights, they want to restrict patients access to their medicine, and control relationships with doctors and patients,  among other proposed changes.

Please tell your State Senator and State Representative not to support these proposed bills. These are not the kind of changes Michigan needs. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program has already made the State over 8 million dollars in registration fees. Please ask our Senators and Representatives to go back to working on things that actually need fixing, there’s plenty.

The Genesee County Compassion Club and Banana 101.5 present ‘Now, I’m a Patient’ written and performed by Duffy “Dufcon” Connolly. An original video for G3C directed by Jim Baade of Townsquare Media.