I've known George for a long time, almost 11 years now.  He is definitely one of the most charitable business owners in Genesee County. Currently, he has decided to build a couple sleds for the Cardboard Classic Sled Race to race on behalf of the United Way.

If you have ever been to Jesters or know someone who has, you have heard the phrase "I know George."  He is that type of guy that will get to know everyone that walks through his doors.  Year after year, George makes it a point to give back.  From the annual "Whaley Jam" to the countless benefits for friends and family in need.

Coming up on Saturday, February 23rd, be on the look out for George and the Jesters Crew at Mt. Holly.  He has found yet another way to give back by racing down the hill to support the United Way.  Although, I have not received who or how many of the Jesters Staff will be flying down the hill, I did make an official request to have Big Steve and Tommy hit the hill in a sled.  Why, you may ask?  If you know those two, it will just be funny as hell to see that.

The Classic is meant to be fun.  And if you can become closer with friends and family or help out a good cause while enjoying the races, then it's a success.  So next time you are at Jesters, give him and the rest of the crew a pat on the back.

Are you ready to get in on the action of "Tim Horton's Cardboard Classic Sled Race?"  Sign up here if you are!