With all the disinformation surrounding the subject of medical marijuana, our advertising partners at the Genesee County Compassion Club have provided us with some facts about the benefits of the legal medication.

Marijuana Facts


  • Every single mammal on earth has cannabis receptors in their body
  • Humans have multiple receptors throughout their body, including CB1 and CB2
  • THC has been shown to attack cancer cells
  • In 1915 there were over 30 different cannabis based medicines made by pharmaceutical companies
  • Cannabis has no known LD50 – that means you can’t overdose
  • Medical studies rank marijuana as less habit forming than caffeine
  • Cannabis has over 80 known cannabinoids, thc is one of them
  • Cannabinoids have antibacterial properties
  • Annual number of deaths by drugs – marijuana zero / Number by prescription drugs – 18,675
  • In 1988 Judge Francis Young of the DEA, declared Marijuana as "one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."

*Claims based on informations available from Marijuana Policy Project and Americans for Safe Access. *These are the opinions of Genesee County Compassion Center.

This message was brought to you by the Genesee County Compassion Club