Comic books are  an underrated art form, and this Saturday, you'll be able to appreciate some of that art for free.  Saturday, May 5th is National Comic Book Day, and Flint's home to comic books, Comic Relief, will be giving them away for free.

Don't get me wrong, superhero movies and video games are awesome, but the real medium for superheros has always been comic books.  Since their golden age in the late 1930's to now, comic books, and the characters they've spawned, have captured the attention of the nation.  And it's just not superheros anymore.  Graphic novels tell full length stories, in comic styling, often expanding on established stories.  Many popular television shows have their own graphic novels, including The Walking Dead, True Blood, and Game of Thrones, offering the audience a deeper picture and a richer story.


Over the years, comic books aren't nearly as relevant as they were, and the industry is trying to do something about that.  This upcoming Saturday is National Comic Book Day, and across the nation, comic book stores will be giving comics away, free.  Local comic book store, Comic Relief, will not only be giving away copies of free issues, they will be dropping prices all across their store.  The free comics are produced by the comic book industry and given away to draw attention to their products.


I have fallen off when it comes to comics, but in my mom's attic, I know their is a pretty decent collection of X-Men,Batman, and Spider-Man comics from 90's.  I think I'm going to stop by, grab these free comics, and maybe pick up a copy of the new X-Men Vs. Avengers series that Marvel just kicked off.   Comic Relief is located at the corner of Fenton and Bristol, and will be open Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm.