So it turns out removing a tattoo isn't that hard after all. If you have a scalpel and balls of steel - you are good to go! Or maybe just think twice before getting something like 'Choppers Bitch' tattooed on your body? Nah, do it - you can cut it off later like this chick did!

Torz Reynolds of Essex, discovered her boyfriend 'Chopper' lied to her about moving out of the country. He did not move, but he did shack up with another woman. Apparently changing her relationship status on Facebook was not good enough for this 26-year-old. Torz used a scalpel and cut off a tattoo on her arm that read 'Choppers Bitch'. As if that is not hardcore enough, she then put the skin in a jar, slapped a bow on it and had it delivered to her ex!

When asked why she did not opt for laser surgery, Torz said 'Laser surgery is very expensive and very painful.' What?

Oh well, if you don't have money for a Valentine's Day card for that someone special, you can always 'say it with skin'. Additional pics of this gruesomeness can be seen here.