This video reminds me a lot of a fight I had with one of my buddies in 8th grade. You know how you had neighborhood friends for so long that you would fist fight over dumb stuff with no real intention of hurting each other? I'm just glad no cell phones were around to capture my fight... it went on for like an hour and was so boring our one friend who was watching got bored and went home.

Honestly, it looks like neither girl is into this fight. They take way too long to get ready and are both scared to go at one another. The taller girl seems scared to charge even though the shorter girl can't reach high enough to hit her in the face. The shorter one realizes this and tells the tall girl to stop hitting her in the face... then to leave her property... and then gets out the shovel. Not the classy move (it's actually a despicably dirty move), but I have to admit I laughed more than I'm proud of.

If the video at the top of the page gets removed (again), you can see the ending in the Vine video below.