Watch Guns and Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal botch the guitar solo to 'Welcome to the Jungle' after his storm trooper helmet gets in the way during their gig at Rock in Rio.

Guns and Roses have always been a band with a grandiose approach to their stage show. They employ pyro, video screens, have planned solo spotlights for each band member, and Axl Rose still has at least a couple of wardrobe changes per show.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things if you wear something that looks really cool. Batman may look like a bad ass in his costume, but until "The Dark Knight" no actor who wore the suit could turn their head. Fashion and functionality are often times not one in the same - Bumblefoot had to learn that the hard way at GN'R's Rock in Rio gig last week.

The guitarist was wearing a storm trooper helmet as they performed the 'Appetite for Destruction' classic 'Welcome to the Jungle'. When it came time for Bumblefoot's guitar solo, he realized he couldn't see what he was doing -- but it was already too late. The guitarist later explained the incident on Twitter:

"Apologies for f'ing up the Jungle solo tonight, I couldn't see through that stormtrooper helmet and was trying to get it off my head, haha!!"