Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has officially vetoed a bill that would have allowed citizens with extra training the legal right to carry a concealed weapon in schools, day care centers, churches and stadiums.

In a move that's sure to raise the ire of Michigan residents on both sides of the argument, Governor Snyder vetoed the bill that was in the eleventh hour last Thursday. “I believe that it is important that these public institutions have clear legal authority to ban weapons from their premises,” Snyder said in his veto letter. “Each is entrusted with the care of a vulnerable population and should have the authority to determine whether its mission would be enhanced by the addition of concealed weapons."

The move comes just days after Friday's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut, where the lives of 20 children and six adult were taken by a 20-year old gunman. In the wake of the tragic events that transpired there, many have actually been saying a new concealed weapons bill -- not unlike the one Snyder just vetoed -- is what we need to keep our children safe. There have been many who believe the schools should be able to hire a security guard, who they can then train to be an armed guard -- but that's just one side of the argument.

Governor Snyder may not have made any friends with the right wingers on this one, but at least they can still look back fondly on his recent signing of Michigan's Right to Work law, which was also a highly controversial and hotly debated move.

What do you think of Snyder's decision? Is it better to keep guns as far away from schools as possible or is having guns the best way to prevent tragedies like the one that struck the community of Newton, Connecticut?