Governor Rick Snyder says the 321 gay marriages that took place over the past weekend will not be recognized by the State of Michigan... So much for progress.

The federal appeals court suspended a decision which eliminated the state's ban on gay marriage last Friday. Many same-sex couples rushed out and tied the knot, an opportunity many have been waiting decades for. Unfortunately for them, it was all for not.

ABC-12 reports that earlier today Governor Rick Snyder announced (Wednesday, March 26th) that none of those marriages would be recognized by the state, which also closes the doors on any benefits those newlywed couples may have been entitled to. The announcement comes just one day after the appeals court put a stop to any further same-sex marriages.

If Governor Snyder thought the advocates for marriage equality were loud before, wait until feels the rumble their voices (and votes) make at the polls in November. The act of giving gay couples, whether intentionally or not, the right to marry and then quickly stripping it away will no doubt hurt his re-election chances.

Yeah, I may sound a little biased here... that's because I am. I don't care if gay couples want to get married or not -- that's their business. I think they should have the right to be just as miserable as straight couples if they so desire. Besides, most of the advocates for keeping marriage solely "between a man and a woman" all seem too angry and misinformed for me. Plus, they're talking about marriage like it's such a "sacred" and "holy" institution that will be ruined by what other people do. If that were the case, wouldn't their first of couple divorces have ruined it already?