Since I am way to lazy to get out and run, I tend to get my exercise on two wheels.  So for those of you like me that want to get the "Crim Race Experience" minus all the stupid running, this is the non-competitive race for you.

The Tour de Crim will take place on Saturday, May 11th from 10am to 2pm and travel along the famous Crim 10-mile blue line course. According to their Facebook page...

There will be four stops on the ride where bicyclists will have the option to go through obstacles of varying difficulty. When riders reach the finish line there will be a chance to check out some of MI’s microbreweries on the flat lot. Children will also have the chance to check out a bicycle rodeo. Be sure to check out the music, silly contests, and all the fantastic fun!

I'm going to try and get Maggie to do this with me, so I decided to tell her that we are going to a microbrewery tasting and leave the bike riding out until the day of the race.