This is one of those stories where I can understand and sympathize with both parties involved which is the police and a small group scared teenagers.

Police in Grand Rapids got a report that said there was a group of teenagers walking down the street and they were passing a gun back and forth to one another. So police responded to the report and saw a group of kids walking in that area. At that point they had no idea if they had a weapon or not. They were just doing their job as expected. The officer in the video was extremely calm and understanding that the kids were scared.

So it turned out the kids were unarmed and just coming from playing basketball together. I totally understand why the parents were freaking out about this. If this happened to my kid, I would be really upset too. I mean that was a real scary and traumatizing situation for those kids to be in.

Nobody was hurt in this situation luckily.

This is 100% just my opinion.

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Source: ABC News