A 2 year-old Michigan boy is in critical condition after being hit by a lawnmower that was being driven by his grandparent.

It must have been a horrific scene at this South Lyon home after the boy ran out in front of the lawnmower. According to ABC12, his legs were hit by the mowing deck and suffered severe injuries.

Police are investigating but it's believed this was a total accident. My heart out goes out to the family as this must be a devastating time. I can't imaging how terrible the grandparent must feel in this awful situation.

I always think about this when I'm cutting the grass because my girlfriend has 4 year-old and likes to run wild sometimes. It's an accident that could happen in the blink of an eye. I've always been a bit of a paranoid parent so even when my son (11 years-old) was younger, I always made sure he stayed in side while I was cutting the grass.

Source: ABC12