The new 3D movie 'Gravity' is apparently such an intense experience it will turn you into a complete psychopath in about a half hour. Watch the mania manifest itself in one critic as he does a video review of the film here.

I will say that 'Gravity' does look pretty awesome with all of the 3D effects and space panic shown in the trailer. Unfortunately, Sandra Bullock was cast in the lead role. The only way I will go see it now is if somebody reassures me that I get to watch her float into the Sun or burn up while free-falling through Earth's atmosphere.

Allegedly, George Clooney also makes an appearance, despite the fact that no one is talking about him and they have yet to show his likeness in any of the trailers or marketing for the film. Seriously, they might as well call it 'Sandra Bullock in Space 3D' at this point.

All personal bias against overrated actresses aside, another strong argument against seeing the film is the fact that it will turn you into a cold-blooded killer. Don't believe me? Just watch The Onion's Head Film Critic Peter K. Rosenthal plunge into madness during his review of the film.