Billie Joe Armstrong has been writing songs for 16 year olds for a very long time, now his 16 year old is writing songs for 16 year olds.  Joey Armstrong is the drummer for a band called 'Emily's Army' who just recorded their debut LP 'Don't be a Dick'. You can check it out here.

It's pretty hard to get a record deal when your 16 and in a run of the mill punk band, helps out a lot when your dad is the frontman for Green Day. Their debut album 'Don't be a Dick' was produced by Billie Joe Armstrong and recorded over the course of four days. According to SPIN it will be released via Billy's Adeline Records on  June 14th. Here is an older version of their song 'Broadcast This' and to be fair I should mention that the album version is much cleaner sounding (but still not that great).