Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong was kicked off of an airplane last week because his "pants were too low" -- which begs the question -- "how the hell do you sag with skinny jeans?"Armstrong reported the incident first hand on his Twitter account September 1st after being removed from a Southwest Airlines flight:

Rock News Desk reports that Armstrong responded to requests by staff that he pull his pants up higher by asking if they had "better things to do than worry about that?" He was then told he would be ordered off of the flight if he did not comply, and eventually that is exactly what happened.

Armstrong was loaded on to the next flight and a Southwest spokesman claims:

"We followed up with this customer and involved employees to get more details and, in our latest conversations, understand from the customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction."

Southwest Airlines also famously denied filmmaker Kevin Smith a seat aboard one of their flights due to his size in 2010.  I don't know what those guys are thinking, but they need a new training program that teaches their employees to avoid public relations nightmares like these.

Green Day is currently recording a new album which is expected in 2012.