Green Day's album 'American Idiot' was an incredible success in 2004 and was praised by critics and fans alike. The concept album was immediately rumored to get the musical treatment as well as a film adaptation. 'American Idiot' became a musical in 2009 and is now on it's way to the big screen.Green Day's Grammy winning Album has already been massively successful in it's Broadway incarnation winning 2 Tony Awards and several others from the musical theater community. The musical got it's start some 5 years after the release of the record despite being planned immediately. A film was also rumored shortly after the disc's release but talks tapered off when the musical took longer than planned to come into existence. Now that the musical is receiving so many accolades the plans for the movie are back on.

Tom Hanks' company Playtone Productions has announced that the big screen version is now green lit and Idiot's stage director Michael Mayer is set to direct the film also. Plans are to see the film, which will be based on the Broadway musical, released in 2013 with frontman Billy Joe Armstrong attached to play the role of St. Jimmy. Green Day is currently in the studio recording the follow up album to 2009's '21st Century Breakdown.'

I never really understood the push to get this album, that was very good, made into musicals, movies, lunchboxes, etc. Once that money machine starts rolling...good luck stopping it. Soon enough we may be eating 'American Idiot' cereal and playing the 'American Idiot' video game based on a movie based on a musical based on an album.