After tallying the votes from the weekend Cockfight it's obvious that you guys hate both Of Mice & Men and Three Years Hollow. So we're giving them both the ax and putting in two new bands to kick off this weeks Cockfight. First is a band that truly full of piss, vinegar, and probably a lot of whiskey too. They're called Anti-Mortem and one thing’s for sure they're full of "100% American Rage". The other band is actually a man. But not just any man. He's Ozzy Osbourne's current guitarist Gus G. And his highly anticipated solo CD is about to drop in March. Here's the first single off of it called "I Am the Fire" which features Blake Allison of Devour The Day on vocals. Check out both tracks and then cast your vote for the one you like best before the polls close tonight at 11:59p ET.

  • Gus G.

    I Am The Fire [audio:]
  • Anti-Mortem

    100% Pure American Rage [audio:]