This is no joke.  Some nut job in California carved a message into his girlfriends chest with a razor blade.  Nathaniel Simon carved the words "Do Not Resuscitate" into his girlfriends chest  AFTER he tried to kill her.  The woman was blacked out at the time of the carving but did survive the attack.

Here is the topper, she did not report it! WTF?  If someone tried to carve me like a pumpkin I WOULD TELL!  The woman confided eventually to a friend and was taken to the hospital.

Seriously this is really sad.  The woman was so afraid if she told he would try to kill her again.  I cannot imagine.  This guy is an animal.

If you are in an abusive relationship, GET OUT!

Chris and I are walking with the YWCA on Friday, April 15th (6:00pm) to help raise awareness and money to help fight domestic violence and sex crimes against women in Genesee County.  If you would like to walk with us we would love it!  It is a one mile walk.  Registration at 5:30 at the YWCA downtown Flint.  No set dollar amount is required to walk.  Whatever you can do or raise is appreciated.