If we've learned anything from the internet it's that Walmart is the best place in the universe for people-watching. A man shopping with his son witnessed something us here in Flint are all too familiar with -- seeing a crackhead at the store. Thankfully, he caught the whole thing on video to share with the rest of us.

Oh, crackheads. They're so loveable and entertaining until they steal aluminum siding from your house or break in, poop on your floor and leave their teeth in your bathroom sink. The woman in this video must still be in the early phases of cracked-out-dedness, as she is still doing regular things like shopping at Walmart.

Who's to say if she is really on anything? She could just be fidgety and really like dancing and shopping at the same time. However, it's more likely that she just got out of Meth-Fest 13 or Crackapalooza.