Apparently this guy went to the pub the night before, parked his car and when he left the bar his car was impounded. The video starts out with three guys in a car explaining the situation, the guy that got his car impounded said that since he had to walk 15-20 miles home, he was going to "inconvenience" the impound lot for his inconvenience of walking home by paying the $88 impound fee in pennies -- that's 8,800 pennies.

Once they arrive at the impound lot, they go through all the motions to get his car back, when he tells the receptionist that he has to go to the car to get his money he returns with the pennies. After showing the girl behind the desk the pennies she said she wasn't going to take them -- she called her boss, he called the cops.

The cops show up and tell the girl she has to take the pennies, the guy even told the girl he would count them out for her. She insisted they be rolled, but still wouldn't take the money. The cops seemed to have insisted she take the money, if not she could be charged with a federal offense of not taking legal tender.

Story is; if you need to pay for something, no matter how much; you can use pennies. This video is worth watching the whole 10 minutes.