So I've lived in Flint for almost a year now.  And honestly, I love my job .   I've had a bunch of other ones, and most sucked.  But honestly, this chapter has been awesome.  I've met a ton of cool people, seen a million kick ass concerts at the Shop, and have done somethings I can't even remember.  But the thing that stands out in my mind the most about living in Flint so far is the amount of haters.

Maybe somebody can explain this to me, but I am constantly baffled by the amount of haters that reside in the 810 area code.  Recently online, we've had some haters.  And I get the fact that it's really easy to hate online.  You can type something and not have to see who you are saying it to.  I understand that.  But it's getting out of hand.  Daily Hot Chicks that have been hated on include Angelina Jolie, Marissa Miller, and Jenny McCarthy.  It doesn't matter what song is the Cockfight, I can promise you that someone is going to say it's the worst song ever and I suck for playing it.  Today, some dude at the gas station yelled at me "You're GAY!!!" out of nowhere.  And recently we've had a 2 people post some smack talking on our facebook wall.  I know we aren't going to please everybody.  But we do have a pretty big fan base.  We're doing something right.  Maybe it's not the right thing for you, but we are ok with out you.  But why hate?  Why does what we do piss you off?  And even if it does, why would you think anyone cares?  Honestly people, we are adults.  If you're 12, I understand this behavior.  But if you're a grown up, use your efforts on something else.  I hate the Olive Garden.  I think it's the grossest Italian food in the world, but I'm not going to take time out of my day to post on the Gardens  facebook about bad their pasta tastes, because I have a life.  If you don't like something, walk away.