Hail The Villain will be continuing as a band, but will be doing so without vocalist Brian Crouch. Word of the split comes after Crouch suffered a vocal chord hemorrhage that forced the band to cancel several tour dates.

Just as things were starting to look up for the Ontario based hard rock unit, they've been dealt what is often a career deathblow for newer bands. Hail the Villain announced on Facebook that their vocalist Brian Crouch has quit the band.  The statement did not indicate whether the split was related to the hemorrhaged left vocal chord the singer suffered earlier this year. According to Wikipedia, the reports of Crouch's vocal problems may not have been completely true and imply he has secretly been working on a different project. The rest of the band's statement did confirm these rumors, but says:

"Joseph Stamp, Chad Taylor, and Flavio Cirillo continue to create music with Darryl Romphf, producer and co-writer of their debut album 'Population: Declining.' More updates will be made in the New Year."

Crouch has been the band's vocalist since they formed under the name Fahrenheit 2003 in the year 2003. Their debut album 'Population: Declining' was originally released in 2008, the band was then signed to Warner Music Group and the debut was re-released on Roadrunner Records in 2010. The album spawned two singles which both cracked the top 25 at Mainstream Rock stations -- 'Take Back the Fear' and 'Runaway.' The band had plans to continue the comic based on their music, record a new album, and possibly make a 3d movie -- there is no word on the status of these projects in the wake of Crouch's departure.