This documentary is for anyone whoever thought about 'getting the band back together', anyone who loves the 80's and music lovers in general. 'Hair I Go Again' is based on a band reuniting after 25 years.

Some members have traded in their hairspray for high chairs, some have traded their tight pants for bigger pants, but they are determined to fulfill their dream of rock stardom. A member of the band that you may recognize from the movie trailer is Jon Tanner. Most of us know Jon as the amazing sound guy at the Machine Shop. Well long before Jon was behind the sound board, he was on stage with Tryxx. This film takes you back to the days of Tryxx and the music of the 80's.There are countless interviews with musicians and today the crew came to the Banana studios and interviewed Tony LaBrie. Tony knows a thing or two about the good ol' days of hair bands, he was the lead singer of Fallacy after all!

I am looking forward to watching this rock and roll journey. Will Tryxx reunite? Will they perform together again? Hair's to hoping they do!