Halestorm was a a success with their 2009's self titled major label debut album. Vocalist Lzzy Hale and her drummer/brother Arejay revealed that the band is in the studio and are axing plans for a 2012 release in favor of dropping a full length album this year.

Lzzy and Arejay Hale sat down recently to do an interview with the website Hails and Horns. After talking about their latest album of covers 'ReAnimate', they dove into what their plans for the future are. Turns out they are jumping ahead of schedule for their sophomore release, Lzzy said of their current work schedule:

"I’ve been up since ten this morning until right now. And we have a deadline now, the original plan was we were going to wait till 2012 to release another record. Not the plan anymore! We’re releasing it this year! Pressure! Crunch time! The good thing is we’ve made a lot of friends all around the country and so I’ve been writing with a lot of amazing people and people we’ve connected with and we’ve been writing every single day, every spare moment. No sleep! No rest for the weary! And we’re hoping to release it in September."

Arejay added:

"We’ve already got two brand new ones fully written and recorded, and we’re doing them on this tour as guinea pigs and they’ve been getting good reactions. So it’s exciting to kind of see some light at the end of the tunnel!"

Lzzy then spoke a bit about the new album in comparison with their debut:

"It’s just a different animal, you know?! ‘Cause when you make your first record you don’t know who’s going to gravitate towards it or if anyone’s going to even like it! So you’re like ‘…well, let’s see!!!’ whereas here we’ve gotten to know our fans so well we feel like we’re kind of writing for them. And from a personal standpoint, you’ve all given me a lot to write about, or at least the permission to be myself. And it’s a wonderful feeling to stand up on stage and be surrounded by people who are saying ‘You know Liz, you’re alright! We give you permission to talk about whatever you want to talk about because it’s a part of us too!’ So it’s cool! I feel like it’s definitely gonna freaking rock! We’ve got some uptempo…"

Arejay interrupts: "It’s pretty heavy!"

Lzzy continues:

"Yeah! The aggressive stuff is more aggressive, the lyrics are interesting…it’s more specifically us! Let’s say between us being the band and the fans being our extended family, it’s kind of like this overwhelming feeling of we’re all in this together. It’s not just for whoever is gonna listen anymore because we know who is going to like us. It’s like we’ve all become this weird, screwed up, dysfunctional family together and we’re going to put this out together. It’s as much about them, as it is about us!"

Halestorm is currently in the studio recording their sophomore album with producer Howard Benson for an unspecified 2011 release and their EP of cover songs 'ReAnimate' is in stores now.