Finally we get to 'Halloween H20,' only to learn Laurie Strode was alive all this time and had entered the witness protection program with her son. Wait a minute... she has a son! WTF? So she fakes her death, leaving behind one kid but not the other? What a bitch!

Apparently this is not the case. Although this is never definitively explained, in this film's world, parts 4 - 6 never happened. It doesn't matter though, the movie is like an hour and 15 minutes long and Michael only kills 5 or 6 people (one of them not being LL Cool J) before little sis cuts his head off.

There is another sequel where Michael returns -- apparently Laurie decapitated a decoy cleverly planted by Michael -- kills Laurie and then goes after Busta Rhymes, who is shooting a reality TV show at the old Myers house. Guess how many Oscars this one got nominated for.

Finally, someone handed 'Halloween' over to Rob Zombie, who rebooted the franchise with a strong first film and a terrible sequel. Now the franchise is set to be rebooted again, with Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes rumored to be heading up the project. This is the same company that already rebooted 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' Friday the 13th,' and 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' with middling results. Maybe we should just let Michael Myers rest in peace.