'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers' gets pretty wacky. Jamie is in a home for troubled kids, is a mute and now shares a telepathic bond with Michael. Also, there's some guy with a wrist tattoo following everyone. I'll save you some time and say that Jamie and Doc Loomis live and Michael gets thrown in jail, only to be freed by the wrist tattoo guy. The End.

In Part 6, appropriately subtitled 'The Curse of Michael Myers,' Michael finally gets to kill Jamie, but not before she gives birth to and hides what might be their incest love child (that's never really made clear). He spends the rest of the movie trying to kill the baby, who is ironically found by first film survivor Tommy Doyle.

Due to a poorly received test screening, a lot of this film got mixed around, re-scripted and re-shot after initial filming ended. Dr. Loomis was killed off due to the fact that the actor playing him, Donald Pleasance, died before they could film the resulting re-shoots. Basically it turned into a big turd sandwich and none of it ended up making much sense, but the baby lived if I remember correctly.