This sounds like an escape that only Houdini could pull off!

A handcuffed teen attempted to escape police by jumping into a river wearing handcuffs.

Obviously this clown did not get far. 

Alabama teen Andrew Hank Stabler (18) was taken into custody for underage drinking.

According to The Daily Mail, officers attempted to adjust his handcuffs outside of the patrol car after Stabler complained they were on too tight.  This is when he ran and jumped into the river.

It isn't hard to figure out that attempting to swim over your head wearing handcuffs is no easy task.

The river jumping teen was rescued by two officers and another teen who was on site.

Stabler is now being charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and with a third degree escape felony.

You may be able to drink ugly girls pretty, but you cannot drink yourself into Aquaman!