I do not have much use for 'Hamburger Helper' in my life, but I could certainly use a product called 'Hangover Helper'! Many of us are waking up today feeling like complete and utter garbage. So what do we do to feel better? Drink more? Eat greasy foods? Promise ourselves that we will never drink again? Well, maybe not the last one! That's just crazy talk!

In my search to find the best cure for a hangover, I came across a website called EmergencyIV. The business is basically a mobile hydration unit. Genius! Ran by medical professionals, the company specializes in before and after bachelor parties, weddings,etc. The bad thing, they are out of Arizona. I doubt they will drive to Flint to inject me with one of their shots (non-alcoholic of course).

What works for you? My go to fix is chocolate milk. Try it! It works for me. However, you may learn a trick that works for you in the video below. Happy New Year! Cheers!