Mary Ouellette,

It’s the first Monday in September and that can mean only one thing – Happy Labor Day! A tribute to working Americans who help keep the country afloat, this day is for you – so sit back, relax and enjoy. Some equally hard-working rockers have taken to Twitter to share their well wishes today. Everyone from Gavin Rossdale of Bush to Poison's Bret Michaels and Korn checked in, see what everyone had to say below.


Happy #LaborDay, everyone. Our hearts go out to everyone- especially the brave men and women who serve their country.




Be safe and have a great #LaborDay everyone! We’ll be rocking Dallas tonight. See you there


happy labor day stateside. last week of stomach has never been happier


Remember: if u have #LaborDay off this weekend it's because of #unions!


Happy Labor Day Everybody. And thanks to our Labor Unions for protecting the rights of American Workers !!!! #unionmember


While May 1st is the REAL 'Labor Day', a shout out to everyone who is a fellow #unionmember today!


Happy #LaborDay to hard workers across the world.


Happy Labor Day! What are you up to today? -Jonny