It's that time of year again to head out and get the crap scared out of you! We've tracked down every haunted house, corn maze, haunted trail, and even Michigan's only interactive zombie killing hayride. Look for the Banana Crew out and about at the Flint haunts as we love scaring Maggie half to death. What's your favorite haunted house? Did we miss any?

  • The Thirteenth Realm

    Loch Lomond Golf Course on Dort Hwy in Grand Blanc

    Get two haunts in one featuring the haunted maze "Twisted Wicked" and the haunted trail "Nocturnal Nightmare."

    The Thirteenth Realm, Facebook
  • Exit 13 Haunted House

    6069 N. Saginaw Street, Mt. Morris
    Exit 13 Haunted House
  • The Crypt

    4247 S. Dort Hwy at Chemco

    Brave the maze that is "The Crypt" and stop by Halloween Connection inside Chemco for your Halloween needs.

    The Crypt
  • Holly Shop of Horrow

    Holly Food Plaza in Holly
    Holly Shop of Horror
  • Erebus Haunted Edifice

    18 S.Perry Street in Pontiac

    This four story haunted attraction will definitely have you running for your life.

    Erebus, Facebook
  • Spooky Trails

    8266 West Baldwin Rd in Swartz Creek

    Check out all four haunts at "Spooky Trails" including the haunted hayride, "Woodhaven Boarding House," "Rage in the Maze" haunted corn maze, and Michigan's only interactive hayride "Zombie Hunter."

    Spooky Trails
  • Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum

    Playland Park on Dort Hwy in Grand Blanc

    Be brave and make your way through "Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum" and then man up and take on "13 Feet Under."

    Saint Lucifer's, Facebook
  • McCurdy's Revenge Haunted House

    Emma Drive in Corunna

    Be brave and take on two haunts in one with "McCurdy's Revenge" in downtown Corunna.

    McCurdy's Revenge Haunted Houses, Facebook
  • Past Tense After Dark

    1965 Farnsworth Rd in Lapeer

    Take on the old Farnsworth family motel and try to survive.

    Past Tense After Dark
  • Cyclopse Haunted House

    Inside the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run

    Intense, indoors, and interactive.

    Cyclopse Haunted House, Facebook