Egypt Central were the ones who could finally take down the mighty Primus, now they are tasked with knocking down the band Haven Hill. 'Kick Ass' against 'Switchblade Life', I'm not sure who will win but I can tell you that those are some tough-ass song names. Tonight at 9 Fantone will pit these two bastards against each other in a wicked fight to the death, you can help decide who survives by placing your vote here.

  • 'Switchblade Life'

    Haven Hill

    If Haven Hill is living the 'Switchblade Life', they must be talking about the ones used by that sissy ass gang in the Michael Jackson video. They may not be the toughest sounding band, but they have a heavy 3 Doors Down vibe that could strike a chord with the ladies. Luckily there is a live version of the song with decent audio on YouTube that you can check out to the left. For the studio recording, tune in to The Cockfight at 9.

    Haven Hill, Facebook
  • 'Kick Ass'

    Egypt Central

    If you like football, you better get used to this song. This track has an alternate version called 'Kick Off' that has already been picked up by several NFL teams and football shows. You'll look back on this period of unfamiliarity fondly once you've heard the song a billion times during Fox football coverage. For now the song is still brand new and ready to kick some ass in The Cockfight. Enjoy.