Mega-hot supermodel Heidi Klum has finally caught up with the rest of us and realized she is way out of Seal's league -- the two recently announced that their marriage is headed for Splitsville.

I've always wondered how R&B singer Seal was able to land incredibly smoking hot former Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum. The English vocalist is, to put it lightly, not the most traditionally handsome dude on the market and his career has never been all that successful, so what gives? I always just assumed Seal is a brilliant Bond-villain who has some sort of forced control over Klum.

Whether or not he has some plan for global dominance, the magic Seal used to hypnotize the 38-year old beauty has worn off. TMZ reports that the couple are separated and that Klum is seeking a divorce. The celebrity gossip website is citing Seal's temper as the reason for the split. Seal and Klum's marriage lasted nearly seven years and the couple have three children together.

Though her formidable years are behind her, Klum is still a knock-out and is incredibly rich. The German beauty's pending relationship status has given mediocre musicians everywhere a new reason to live. For those of you keeping score -- Klum is the second incredibly smoking hot, mega-rich celebrity headed for divorce soon, Katy Perry being the first.

Heidi Klum Looking Hot In An Expensive Bikini