For a band with members from Mudvayne, Pantera, and Nothingface, Hellyeah hasn't really brought the thunder that most expected. As they near the final stages of recording their next offering, they are confident that this will be their heaviest album to date.

According to Ultimate, Vinnie Paul, Chad Gray, and company are recording their third full length Hellyeah record at Vin's home studio in Arlington, Texas. The band announced via Twitter that they are getting close to a finished product:

"We are finishing up the music this weekend and starting on vocals next week! Our heaviest record yet! Hellyeah!"

This reinforces a previous sentiment Vinnie Paul made to Artisan News a few months back:

"We've got some great ideas. We've decided that we wanna heavy it up a little bit on this next record - push it a little further. It's always gonna have the Hellyeah vibe - a little bit of the Southern vibe, a little bit of the rock and roll vibe, a lot of the metal vibe - you put all together and it turns out to be Hellyeah"

Hellyeah's last album 'Stampede' was released just over a year ago (7/13/10) ,with the band already this far into the recording process we could see the new material released before the year is out.