We can bitch and moan about how much Flint sucks, or we can do something about it.  Atwood Stadium was built by the people of Flint in the 1920's and now the community is being called on to help restore it.  This could be your chance to help in the restoration of our city.

If you saw my post about Flint, Michigan "America's Murder City", you know things are bad.  But this is a chance to make a difference for the better.  Atwood Stadium is known as the People's Park and for good reason.  The local community came together to build the stadium and it has stood since 1929. This is an actual picture of the effort.

Now it's up to the community to come together again and help in the clean up effort of the People's Park.  On May 14, people will be coming together in an effort to restore some of Atwood's shine.  Considering the rich history of the park and what it can mean to a community, I think it's a great cause.  By no means am I saying that cleaning up Atwood Park is going to stop murders in Flint, but it's a step in restoring the pride into Flint.  Anybody interested in volunteering can get a hold of Ron Rolak, stadium director, at drkalor@yahoo.com or by phone at (810) 600-6700.