Heroin is becoming an epidemic in Michigan. Experts say that with prescription painkillers becoming more expensive and difficult to get, many pill-popping opiate junkies have made the switch to smack.

The Michigan Department of Community Health says heroin has become a “significant” problem in the realm of the state’s public health. Not only can heroin cause fatal overdoses, but it is also responsible for contributing to a myriad of diseases to the heart and other vital organs.

However, increasing overdose deaths are a major concern. Recent statistics from the state department of health indicate, “Heroin overdose deaths increased from 271 from the four-year period of 1999-2002 to 728 from 2010-2012. And admissions to publicly funded programs for heroin treatment nearly doubled from 7,300 in 2000 to about 13,600 in 2013,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

Just last week, the Food and Drug Administration approved an at-home heroin antidote kit called Evzio in an attempt to combat the upsurge in overdose deaths. The drug has been used by emergency personnel for years, but will now be available with a prescription for anyone wanting to keep a supply on hand.